On this journey to know Christ, I am daring to hope alongside you. Remember that our hope is not in our circumstances, but in our faithful God who gives us new mercies today!

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Accepting the “No”

Many times I’ve admonished my children to learn to accept the no. When they ask for things we deem unwise or not the best decision for the overall family budget or schedule, they often go into lawyer mode. They lobby for a yes armed with alternate scenarios, comparisons, or emotional …

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What if?

“What if” are two words I battle to get out of my mind. “What if” something bad happens to one of my kids? “What if” things never get better in this relationship? “What if” my husband loses his job? I wonder if Joseph’s brothers struggled with their own “what if” …

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The Roller Coaster Ride

Have you ever forgiven someone but not been able to reconcile with them? Forgiveness and reconciliation are not the same thing. We are always called to forgive others through the power of God working in our lives. To forgive, we acknowledge the hurt and strong emotions that accompany the pain …

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