On this journey to know Christ, I am daring to hope alongside you. Remember that our hope is not in our circumstances, but in our faithful God who gives us new mercies today!

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Nothing Wasted

My grandmother often told me stories of living through the depression. When I steamed the nice white paper from some of the gifts at my wedding shower so that I could reuse it to wrap my bridesmaids’ gifts, my parents laughed and said that I take after my grandma. While …

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Hi All! First I want to welcome so many new subscibers! Congratulations to Sarah Arbah for winning a free copy of First Corinthians: Living Love When We Disagree. I’m going to be giving a way a free book every month to my awesome blog subscribers so stay tuned and watch …

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Dark Corners

Sometimes when I have dropped my kids off at school, band camp, or other events, I’d say, “Remember to be a light.” My daughter recently shared with me that it used to make her feel pressure… like she had to be perfect or do everything right. She told me that …

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