On this journey to know Christ, I am daring to hope alongside you. Remember that our hope is not in our circumstances, but in our faithful God who gives us new mercies today!

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Has anyone else felt like they are wandering through their days? Sometimes I have scheduled meetings or disciplined moments when I am purposeful and focused, but often I find myself waking up unsure of exactly how I will spend my time or thoughts. Some things have to get done everyday – for me its answering emails, working through projects on a to-do list, as well as meal prep and kitchen duty. For you it might include caring for small children or an aging parent, homeschooling, working from home, or maybe like me your schedule has been cleared in a significant way due to social distancing. Whether we have found ourselves …

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Remembering Together

Remembering things isn’t my strong suit. I remember when two months in a row I forgot my twins’ orthodontist appointments. Eventually one of them mentioned that the rubber bands on their braces were starting to disintegrate and asked me when they were supposed to go in for a change.  My greatest strategy for remembering things is telling others in my family about them. We have better odds by remembering together. God often called his people to remember important things together as well. Throughout Scripture we find God helping His people remember important spiritual truths through physical demonstrations, such as: Celebrating Passover so the people could remember deliverance from Egypt (Exodus …

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Information Overload

Sometimes I wonder how I ever functioned as a human being before online search engines. How did I ever get to the right place without the map app on my phone telling me when to turn right and left? Did I really go to the doctor every time I had a question about swimmer’s ear or bee stings instead of using online medical sites? Many times when my teenagers ask me something, I advise them to Google it. This word wasn’t in my vocabulary as a child. My kids can’t believe the world still spinned before cell phones, laptops, and Wi-Fi. The down side to all this knowledge at our …

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