On this journey to know Christ, I am daring to hope alongside you. Remember that our hope is not in our circumstances, but in our faithful God who gives us new mercies today!

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Professional Forgivers

God pursues us relentlessly. He devises ways to bring us back when we have gone astray. “All of us must die eventually. Our lives are like water spilled out on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again. But God does not just sweep life away; instead, he devises ways …

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Making an Appeal

Joseph put his brothers through a series of tests before he reconnected with them. As we see the brothers being stopped outside the city, accused of stealing, and taken back to face Joseph, we realize that Joseph has been struggling through his human emotions on the road to grace and …

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The Mental Hamster Wheel

Have you ever found your mind rolling the same negative thoughts over and over? Like a hamster running his heart out without getting anywhere, we sometimes waste our thought lives on a mental hamster wheel. The process is exhausting, but yields no real benefits beyond mental exhaustion. Negative thought patterns …

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