Macrina loved the Scriptures – especially the wisdom books. She is said to have known almost all the Psalms – meditating on them throughout her days – getting up, doing chores, eating food, preparing for bed, and waking in the middle of the night.

She was born in 327 in modern day Turkey. Two of her brothers were early church fathers: Gregory of Nyssa and Basil the Great. Both looked up to Macrina – the older sister who led an exemplary life. Gregory wrote about her life in a book chronicling her habits, sound faith, and reasoning skills.

Macrina was also known for her beauty. She had many suitors but trusted her father to arrange her marriage. She was engaged to a young man of impeccable reputation. When he died unexpectedly before their marriage, Macrina decided never to marry. While she had many more offers, she committed herself to the Lord and resolved to stay single.

She spent her days caring for her mother and helping her with the responsibilities of managing the household affairs after the death of her father. Her mother had four sons and five daughters and paid taxes to three different governors since her property was in three different districts. Macrina also prepared her food and did all she could to ease her burdens.

Even in death, Macrina set an example of dependence on Christ and hope in the truth of the Scriptures. She encouraged her brother Gregory when he came to visit her by continuing to eloquently articulate the principles of Christian doctrine.

Macrina inspires us to hold firmly to God’s word – to repeat it to ourselves throughout our days – and to think clearly and logically as we share God’s truth with others.