Wielding the Weapon of Gratitude

When my friend with four young children mentioned that she couldn’t find someone to watch her kids so that she and her husband could go out of town for a family event, I readily volunteered. It was all fun and laughter at first, until the second day when I was struggling. I viewed this mom’s role as challenging but so very significant. She is providing emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical support and care for four human beings.

All of us grow wearing in our callings at times and forget that each task God gives us has value. We tend to view what others are doing as more significant. This can lead to discontentment in our important callings from the Lord.

Your Significance: God’s View

Take the Levites in Numbers 16, for example. God gave them a special ministry: caring for the Tabernacle. But they didn’t accept their calling and they desired to have more. This led one of the Levites, Korah, to stir up the people toward sin. He became jealous of Moses’ job, which led him down a path of complaining and gossiping.

As you think about this, how does this relate to you? What are some daily tasks you perform in order to serve God and others?

Now, if a friend were to point out the significance of what you do for others, what would she say?

Have you ever wished for a more visible role in which you receive more accolades or encouragement? If we’re honest, I think we’ve all had those thoughts and feelings.

Moses was trying to remind Korah of the significance of his calling. Sometimes we just need a reminder and someone else’s point of view, specifically God’s.

Your Significance: Being Grateful

Korah could choose to accept his role and serve, or he could rebel and lead others into disobedience. He wasn’t grateful for where God had him and he wanted more. We can all relate.

When we’re grateful, it gives us a weapon to wield against pride and envy, freeing us from comparative living and allowing us to embrace our current season.

Appreciating your God-given role in this season of life doesn’t mean you never have ambition or push yourself to do more. Part of following God’s ways is accepting the role He has given you now and flourishing in this season.

This means working at whatever you do with all your heart (Col. 3:23) rather than wishing and whining for something different.

We can’t be faithful to God’s call without his help. We can learn from Moses to stay completely dependent on the Lord, finding our significance and taking our direction from Him.

One commentator says, “The selfish desire for greatness and authority is a common theme in Scripture…And yet the most important place in the Christian life is the place of God’s choice, the place He’s prepared for us and prepared us to fill. The important thing isn’t status but faithfulness, doing the work God wants us to do.”

Your Significance Comes From The Lord

Whether your daily duties include caring for small children (like my friend), nursing a loved one through an illness, defending truth in a courtroom, working in a factory, or whatever it may be that God has given you to do, know that your role is important. By accepting God’s call until He opens new doors, you will learn contentment and find that your significance comes from Him alone.

Remember who He is so you don’t forget who you are in Christ.

Take a moment and talk to God about your current role and circumstances. Name three specific things you can be grateful for in regards to these responsibilities. “Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.” (Phil. 4:11)

If you are interested in studying more about your significance and discovering contentment in Jesus, check out my study, Numbers: Learning Contentment in a Culture of More.

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