Has anyone else felt like they are wandering through their days? Sometimes I have scheduled meetings or disciplined moments when I am purposeful and focused, but often I find myself waking up unsure of exactly how I will spend my time or thoughts.

Some things have to get done everyday – for me its answering emails, working through projects on a to-do list, as well as meal prep and kitchen duty. For you it might include caring for small children or an aging parent, homeschooling, working from home, or maybe like me your schedule has been cleared in a significant way due to social distancing. Whether we have found ourselves with more or less margin during this time, we all have to fight the urge to wander.

When I lack direction, defaults like scrolling social media, watching short clips of videos, checking email way too much, calling a friend to chit chat, making myself yet another plate of food, or watching a television show when I was hoping to spend more time reading fill up my time. I wonder what some of your defaults are during this season?

Whether yours are similar to mine or totally different, I don’t think any of these things are inherently wrong. I just don’t want to look back on this time and see it as a season that I endured rather than embraced.

I believe God has purpose in this season. I want to spend more time in prayer since I often use lack of time as an excuse for failings in this area. I love to read and have a list of books I want to devour, but sometimes just getting started is hard. Its easier to click and be entertained than engage my mind in reading.

What are some things you would look back on this waiting season of social distancing and wish you would have been more intentional about? I often tell my children that if they aim for nothing, they will hit it every time. I am not saying we need to follow a rigid schedule. Currently, one of goals is to pursue relaxation, but I am cheating myself of purposeful soul rest by frittering my time away on a bunch of nothing.

In order to embrace this season and keep from wandering through my days, here are a couple things I am implementing:

First things First – I’m spending the first part of my day in God’s Word and prayer and then exercising for 30 minutes for my physical health and mental sanity. I can’t look at any screen until these practices have happened.

A Written Plan – Out of my prayer time I’m making a flexible schedule for the day incorporating work, breaks, and rest. I write it out so I can check things off as I go.

Prioritize people – When kids want help studying or an impromptu fire pit night emerges, I’m putting aside tasks to choose people.

I know these aren’t rocket science, but these have been game changers for me over the last week when it comes to wandering. When I do sit down to watch a show or look through social media, I know its not a mindless default, but time set aside for those purposes.

What has helped you when it comes to wandering through your days? Share in the comments some of your go-to defaults and what has given you focus and motivation during these interesting days we are walking through together!

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