If you are in need of a speaker for a women’s event (brunch, tea, retreat, MOPS, etc), please email melissa@melissaspoelstra.com. Topics I enjoy speaking about and have written women’s Bible studies curriculum for include:

  • Awakening to God in Everyday Life (Acts)
  • Knowing God More Intimately (The Names of God)
  • Good News that Changes Everything (Romans)
  • Spiritual Stamina in Every Season (Elijah)
  • Learning Contentment in a Culture of More (Numbers)
  • The Journey to Forgiveness – Allowing God to heal life’s hurts (Joseph)
  • Daring to Hope – Intentional Living in an Unstable Word (Jeremiah)
  • Living Love when we Disagree (1 Corinthians)
  • Parenting: Making Disciples at Home  (MOPS and moms groups!)

However, I would be happy to prayerfully teach from God’s Word in accordance with your event’s theme or topic.

Upcoming Events and Dates 

August 1-6 – Okoboji Bible Conference, Arnolds’s Park, IA

August 28 – Tamarac, FL

Sept. 10 – ASPIRE Greenwood, IN

Sept. 11 – ASPIRE Logansport, IN

Sept. 13-16 – Filming Isaiah in Nashville, TN

Sept. 17 – ASPIRE Bettendorf, IA

Sept. 18 – ASPIRE Batavia, IL

Sept. 24 – ASPIRE Kansas City, KS

Sept. 25 – Beatrice, NE

Oct. 1 – ASPIRE Brunswick, OH

Oct. 2 – ASPIRE Coshocton, OH

Oct. 3 – ASPIRE Hermitage, PA

Oct. 8 – Ft. Mitchell, KY

Oct. 9 – Bedford, IN

Oct. 16 – Twin Falls, ID

Oct. 22 – Shiloh, IL

Oct. 23 – ASPIRE Paragould, AR

Oct. 24 – Wildwood, IL

Nov. 11-13 – Lifeway Women Leadership Forum, Nashville, TN

Some responses from previous events:

“Discovering Melissa’s Bible Studies at our church has definitely been a God thing! She is a gifted Bible expositor/teacher, and her layout for her Bible studies are exactly what we need. This past April, Melissa spoke in a powerful way at our church for a Women of Faith Conference on the topic of Joseph-and the Journey to Forgiveness. I sense that as a church we are still experiencing the joy that has come from obeying the Biblical message she shared. May God bless Melissa as she devotes herself to studying and teaching God’s Word in such a relevant and understandable way!” – Karolyn Friesen Women’s Ministry Bradley Street Church of God Aylmer, ON

“Melissa was very transparent, authentic, engaging, and dynamic in her presentations.  Her biblical content was solid, practical, and relevant for all women on the issue of forgiveness. Her small group questions, illustrations, and applications helped our group cut to the heart of our own need to forgive or seek forgiveness, and gave us some practical steps to move forward in the process.” Brenda Eaton, Women’s Ministry Director Waxahachie, TX

“Melissa does an amazing job of helping women understand the Bible and it’s messages. She is a very humble and relatable daughter of Christ, a wife,  a mother and friend. She has a natural presence that makes her audience feel right at home when they meet her.  We feel very blessed to have had Melissa come to share the Gospel of Jesus with us.”  Kris Shoaf, Powell, OH

“Melissa was very receptive to speaking on a topic applicable to the women who would be attending our event and was superb.  She was able to relate to women of all ages and experiences.  She was engaging, humorous and most importantly authentic.  The women who attended our event were highly complimentary of her and the message she brought to them.” Glenna Manning, Knoxville, TN

“Our Christmas banquet is our biggest outreach event of the year.  God spoke through Melissa to communicate His gifts of salvation and forgiveness in such a practical, relatable way, that women, regardless of age or spiritual experience, were drawn to want to hear more about Jesus!”  -Sarah Snyder, Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Wadsworth, OH

“So many of us moms are overwhelmed by our daily responsibilities, and intimidated by the idea of teaching our children about Jesus and the Bible. Melissa’s seminar ‘Making Disciples at Home’ encourages us to be confident and intentional in our training, and to be thankful for all our mommy experiences. Through her fun family stories, she shares practical and creative ways to give our children the knowledge of God’s love, each day. We look forward to Total Family Makeover for more inspiration, tools and ideas!” Gina San Martin,  MOPS Discussion Group Leader/Assistant Coordinator   Dublin, OH

“I had the opportunity to attend a women’s conference about an hour away from my home in 2015, and it was there that I had the privilege of meeting Melissa. I became very aware that she was a woman totally committed to the call of God on her life.  Her passion and drive are some of the many qualities that become obvious as she begins to share what the Lord has impressed on her heart. She has an unique ability to teach TRUTH  through the word of God, and still continue to obtain one’s attention through many different props and humor. We were so thankful that she was a part of our First Women’s Conference “Diamonds” in the spring of 2016.”  Sandy Davis Leadership Director, Women Of The Well (WOW)

The ‘Daring to Hope’ study on Jeremiah will always be one of the most unforgettable experiences in my 40+ years as a follower of Christ!  Every word that Melissa taught from Jeremiah felt like it was straight from my Daddy-in-heaven – alive, powerful, grace, truth and love combined.  Words cannot express how timely, refreshing and comforting this study was to me – it was as though I got to sit on His lap and hear His responses to the cries from the depths of my soul that only He could have known!”  Tanya Matthews, Muirfield Ohio

“I have read bible studies and attended numerous talks geared to Christian women, and Mellissa’s message is one of the best!  Melissa delivers a message of forgiveness and hope based on real world experience as a daughter, wife, mom, and working woman trying to juggle success with maintaining Christian values. Melissa is down to earth and honest regarding her faith and family struggles and how she sees Jesus/God’s hand in helping her  to keep everything together.  Her moving testimony about how the bible can guide daily life (during good times and bad) was inspirational for myself and my bible study group.  We plan to  continue seeking out opportunities to hear and read Melissa’s message.” Marion Kruse, Ohio

“The Dare to Hope presentation was OUTSTANDING!  The audience sat there spellbound. You were able to totally embrace our theme, speak God’s story, and remind us of our challenges to be a woman of God in a world gone crazy. All of this in just a short time frame.  My favorite part was when you took us all to the well. We were there with you, seeing through a woman’s eyes. We are so thirsty to know our God! Thank you for sharing your gifts.”  Linda Hall  Harrison, OH

 “Melissa’s message “Dare to Hope” using Lamentations 3:21-23 was perfect!    Our women’s retreat included 13 young adult women from a drug and alcohol rehab center.   I was concerned as to how these gals would feel among our large church body of women………my concerns were unfounded!   The way Melissa shared this message of hope through her handouts, group discussions and stage prompts allowed the Holy Spirit to move within each of us!    Melissa presented this wonderful and timely message of hope with knowledge, excitement and conviction.   I personally left this retreat singing the song……..”I Stand Amazed”.  We are all looking forward to having Melissa back….and our survey results reflects this mutual desire.”  Ralene Ruyle, Mount Pleasant, Texas