Summer Swords

Most things are wrapping up right now.  We’ve got end of the school year sports banquets, band concerts, and parties. Our small group and women’s Bible studies are finding a stopping place to take a break for the summer. I can’t wait to enjoy a respite from routine to enjoy some lazy days with impromptu cook outs, family time, getting to know neighbors better, and a sparse calendar.

One thing we should never take a break from though is our time with God and His Word.  Just as we won’t stop eating physical food this summer, we’ll grow weak spiritually if we stop talking to God and reading His Words to us.   Two of the gals in my study are traveling abroad all summer.  One will be in Estonia and the other in Greece visiting their family.  In order to keep us connected, God gave me an idea.

This summer I am going to study through Philippians and Colossians   Every day I will post 5 verses, 3 insights from commentary/study, and a few questions for thought or journaling.  It should only take a few minutes to read this daily as a way to be encouraged spiritually even with a relaxed schedule.

By posting comments here or on the Facebook page    we can spur each other on to stay spiritually strong this summer.

I hope you will join us on the journey.  We will start in Philippians June 1st and work through the 4 chapters in the book the whole month of June.  Then we’ll tackle Colossians in July.  Today I’ll give you a little background on Philippians.

  • The church at Philippi was founded in A.D. 50 on Paul’s second missionary journey. (Acts 16)
  • The Jewish population there was small.
  • The missionary party consisted of Paul, Silas, Timothy, and Luke.
  • These guys began their work by meeting with some women at a Jewish place of prayer by a riverbank outside the city.
  •  Lydia was the first convert in Philippi.

Some cool things that happened at Philippi were the casting out of a demon from a slave girl and a jailer and his family there converted to Christianity. “These early converts were a most diverse and unlikely group with which to found a local church, but the grace of God overcame their differences.”  (Expositors Bible Commentary 96)

Other neat things to note about the letter itself:

  • Paul wrote this letter from prison about ten years after the church was established.
  • Philippians stands out among the other prison epistles as being the most personal.
  • Epaphroditus brought a gift from the Philippian church to Paul in prison but then became sick.  When he recovered he returned to Philippi with this letter from Paul.

I’m so looking forward to these brief lessons to keep our swords sharp and ready this summer. I hope you’ll join me in sharing your insights in the comments section!




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