adventYesterday was the first day of December and my kids are already pointing out that we missed the first day of candy in the advent calendar that hasn’t been filled. (I’m pretty impressed that it is already on the wall!)

I have to admit that with each passing year I get less motivated with shopping, baking, decorating, and its been years since I even considered sending out a Christmas card. I used to brainstorm creative ways to write our annual letter with top ten lists, crossword puzzles, and anything I could dream up to not just be another typical letter.

As I sit wondering what has happened to my waning Christmas Spirit, I also notice that I feel less stressed.  Don’t get me wrong,  I haven’t become a total Scrooge.  I’ve done some online shopping and am excited as I envision my children’s delight as they open their gifts. I also love looking at the lights on my Christmas tree in the evenings. I don’t want to give up on all the Christmas fun, I just want to be more intentional to remember what this season is all about.

In the past, I often got so caught up in the activity of Christmas that at times I had no time to spend with the God we celebrate. What a way to say “Happy Birthday Jesus” by having no time for Him… I want to be sure that I’m not in such a hurry to prepare for parties, baking, presents, decorations, cards and worry over all these things that I forget to invite Jesus to His own party. So much of it has to do with my attitude and posture toward the things I am doing. I need to slow down and ask:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • How will it honor Christ?
  • How will it impact my family?
  • Am I doing this because I think others expect me to?

How about you? As we start out the month, think about your time with your Savior. How is your devotional time in God’s Word, your prayer time, and your service to others in His name increased or decreased during the Christmas season? Our enemy would love for us to turn our celebration of Jesus’s birth into a time of worry and frenzy so that we forget just why we do what we do. God sent His Son to earth – to show us how to live and teach us about our heavenly Father. Then He paid the price for our sin by dying in our place so that we might have a relationship with God through His cleansing blood.

God longs for us to draw near to Him in every season, but let’s be sure He is invited to own His own birthday celebration this month. Let’s take a moment now to invite Him to draw near to us through our hearts and minds during this season of celebration.

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