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Hi friends…

This has been a rollercoaster week for me. It started off on Monday ending the hunt of car shopping for my twin daughters. (Boy did they get to see a lot of cars and their varied owners in the process since half the investment was their earned money!)  Then I got to spend a glorious day with my mentor Deb and celebrate the release of the Total Family Makeover. (Boy am I ever grateful for such an amazing friend!) Yesterday my plane was delayed and rerouted so that I got to spend 14 hours in airports and on planes. I bet you’ve had some good and … not so good moments this week as well!

Releasing a trade book (a regular, non-curriculum style book) has been a really different experience. I’ve been doing radio interviews almost daily and seen sweet mommy bloggers that I’ve never met take the time to read and promote the book on their blogs!

I’ll admit its a little humbling and scary at the same time. I truly hope the book is an encouragment for parents to help their kids follow Jesus with intentionality. I’ll be honest, there isn’t anything earthshattering or new in the book, but it gives parents a place to start and a track to run on.

For me, that has always been the overwhelming part. Where do I start? What do I do next? It isn’t a how-to book but does give a lot of practical ideas (and lots of our epic failures) to springboard discussion about taking steps to model and train what it looks like to follow Jesus!

So I wanted to let you all know that I’m doing a giveaway here on the blog in partnership with Litfuse publicity (who have been so wonderful with me being so “green” in this process)!  All you have to do is follow this link: and enter your name and email address and you could win a prize pack containing:

I remember the first (and maybe only time) I actually won a contest. When Rachel was a baby, I entered a contest at a local salon for a makeover. I submitted my picture and was chosen as a mom in need of a new look. My hair had never been colored at the time (before the grays began to appear) and I got my make-up and nails done as well.  I remember being shocked that people really do win these things!  So go ahead and enter and tell as many families as you can so they can enter too. It ends on October 7th and we’ll announce the winner here – on the blog on October 10th.

I hope you are having time to lean into Jesus in the midst of the ups and downs of your week!



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