Elijah Launch Team

Thanks to those of you who signed up for the Elijah Launch Team! I am so grateful for your help in previewing and promoting this study Elijah: Spiritual Stamina in Every Season.  Here is what you have committed to:

  • Participate in the 6 week Bible study that you’ll receive by July 1st and leave a review on Amazon by September 1st.
  • Add me as a friend on Facebook so that I can add you to the closed group of participants. We’ll be able to talk about what we are learning and I’ll share weekly winners and encouragement through short video clips!
  • Share the promo video and a few provided memes on your social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) sometime in the months of July and/or August. It’s okay if you only have Facebook – that is enough to help get the word out! Please hashtag any post with #Elijahstudy    That is how I’ll be able to see who posted and when for the giveaways.
  • Pray for the release of this study and give advice and feedback.

Here is what you’ll receive for your participation:

  • Access to a copy of the study via a PDF file sent over email. I ask that you would not share this with anyone else as it is a “cold read” copy and for launch team members only.
  • The first 25 members who follow through with sharing on social media and write an Amazon review will receive a bracelet that says “pray” as a gift and reminder to pray for 10 minutes for 30 days which is part of the Elijah study!
  • I’ll also be drawing names from the group of launch team members for free giveaways each week in August including bracelets, copies of the Elijah study, as well as an Elijah leaders kit!
  • An opportunity to develop and share principles of spiritual stamina from Elijah’s life with those in your sphere of influence:)

Thanks again for joining me in getting the word out about the Elijah study so that together many women can grow in spiritual stamina through every season. You can sign up for the team using the link below!  Also please friend me on Facebook if you haven’t already so I can add you to the Facebook group where I’ll share updates, winners, and video chats about the launch of the study.

30 Days of Prayer for Spiritual Stamina Launch Team

Alongside the study a companion book will be released titled, 30 Days of Prayer for Spiritual Stamina.  This short devotional guide provides daily instructions to vary your daily prayer times with instructions for:

  • Praying Silently
  • Praying Aloud
  • Praying Through Writing (you will need a journal or notebook)
  • Praying with Movement (which includes trying different physical postures as you’re able—such as kneeling, lying prostrate, standing, or holding out hands)
  • Praying Together (with a friend or prayer partner when possible)

Participating on this launch team would require your commitment to 30 days of prayer for ten minutes each day.  I am so excited about this practical tool to help us connect with God each day in a fresh way. The requirements are similar to the Elijah Launch team. You will commit to read the prayer brook manuscript daily for 30 days, leave a review on Amazon, share memes on social media, but there will be much less content to manage during the summer.

This will be a separate team with a dedicated Facebook group.