Dream killers

DreamKillerFor Joseph, the dream killers actually became the dream advancers in his life.

It hit me over the head last night as I was studying Joseph’s story, that his brothers tried to end his dream, but they unknowingly advanced it instead. By selling him into slavery because of their intense jealousy and hatred, they mocked his dreams and attempted to keep them from ever coming to fruition.  Yet their very actions served as the catalyst to put him in the right place at the right time to save an entire nation from famine and place his brothers in subordination to him.

Through his years of service in Potiphar’s house and his time in prison when he was unjustly accused, the Psalms tell us that God tested Joseph’s character. (Psalm 105:19 –“Until the time came to fulfill his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph’s character.”)  There in the mostly unlikely place (a dungeon) – God raised him up to lead and fulfill the dream given to him as a teenager.

People may be trying to hurt you, but unknowingly they might be putting you in a place where God’s dreams for you can be fulfilled.  They might be the sandpaper that smoothens out your edges. Perhaps they force you down a road you never would have taken on your own. If you can see past the pain they cause you to the greater plan of God, you will see their arrows as blessings in disguise – used to fulfill God’s dreams for your life.

As God writes your story, you may encounter that the people you thought would love you like brothers, betray you. Then times of testing and endurance may follow with injustice at every turn. Joseph certainly could have written the book on wrongful treatment. Yet he continued to keep a soft heart and work through his pain. We too shouldn’t quit trusting and believing that God will fulfill His promises to us. Any dreams He has given us will come to pass.

If you are tired, confused and unsure of how God is going to work something good out of your current circumstances – you are in good biblical company.  Lets learn from Joseph’s story that those who hurt us might just be God’s instruments to put us in the perfect position to fulfill our God sized dreams.

Dream killers might actually become dream advancers in our lives too – if we will fix our eyes on our glorious God and trust that He is working out a master plan.

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