All the fat belongs to the Lord

muffin-top_exercise_h-articleI have to admit I’ve been lagging in my Bible reading lately.  My plan has me in Leviticus right now.  I struggle to make connections and sometimes wonder – what do all these regulations, offering specifications, and procedures have to do with my life?

It forces me to dig deeper, to think harder, and to ask God questions.  Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Today as I’m reading, God is showing me some themes that do resonate in my life:

  • God likes it when we offer Him our best rather than our leftovers (animal offerings with no defects, choice flour, etc.)
  • Substitutionary thinking and someone shedding  blood as an offering for another go way back to the beginning as a foreshadowing of Christ (Lev. 1:4)
  • God is pleased when we obey His guidelines (it says, “very pleasing to the Lord” all over Leviticus in relation to the offerings)
  • God likes flavor.. He isn’t a fan of bland (Lev. 2:13 says to never forget the salt in your offerings)
  • Motives matters.  Unintentional sin was dealt with differently than premeditated sin. (Lev. 4)
  • “Remember, all the fat belongs to the Lord.”  (Lev. 3:16 – that just makes me laugh – maybe God isn’t nearly as concerned about the numbers on the scale as I am!  However, the next verse says we aren’t supposed to the eat the fat of the offerings – so maybe my interpretation is off, but to find a laugh in Leviticus takes a little stretching…)

Hope you find a few minutes to dig into God’s Word today and find some truth that connects in your life, and next time you bemoan a muffin top – this verse from Leviticus brings a smile to your face: “All the fat belongs to the Lord.”



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